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So greatfull i could finally get a little one from you at this time will always keep in touch and refer others here ( LOVE )

santani D / IL

My daughter is so excited and it makes me extremely happy. She named her new buddy Kiki and i think they are already best buds.

TSE Mark / WV

Gavin Smart Puppies is a quality and reliable breeder of the standard rottweilers puppies and other breeds. We did our research and their rottweilers are the best! Hypoallergenic and very healthy. Thanks for all your hard work guys!

Mark Jance / TX

We loved our experience with Gavin rottweilers!!! Our puppy is wonderful – gorgeous, happy, and smart. We are very delighted and would do it all over again with Gavin rottweilers.

David Jones / Oh

Completely impressed with their service and love for the dogs. It’s obvious they worked with the puppies to begin to train them. My son’s little guy is just perfect!

David Wirs / Tn

You really know what you are doing with your dogs. Thanks so much for all your help. He truly is beautiful and a joy to have in our family. His name is Cody and I think it suits him just right.

Christopher WY / SD

I am not very easy to deal with, sometimes I don’t even like dealing with myself. Your team did a fantastic job from start to finish. We are completely pleased with My’a she is a fantastic puppy and is having a wonderful time. The Vet we use in this town said she had never seen better-organized paperwork, shots and already and her microchip. Thanks again!I


We live in Fort Worth and picked up our fur baby. The whole process was very smooth and easy. Any time we reached out with any questions or concerns we got a quick response. Everything happened the exact way it was supposed to. I also liked getting updates and pictures of her before pick up. Very professional. We love our Hazel! She is perfect!

Daniel Wills Texas

Emmy is the second puppy we found. Didi is now 4 years old. He has been a great dog. He is very gentle in raising our new puppy Emmy. Tommy was the agent that helped us find Emmy. She is a very smart, cute, energetic, sweet little baby girl. She is now 4 months old , and she has won the hearts of all our family. Her transport here was great.


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